Selling​ Thai massage cushion, spa cushion massage cushion with PVC cover, very cheap price and can customized the size. Not collapsing guaranteed.

Our massage cushion considered as a massage cushion that has a lot of demand for the shop that wants to open a massage shop or spa. That important thing is the Thai massage cushion and the spa massage cushion. If you want to open a spa and Thai massage shops, you must have it. Because it can be used instead of a massage bed too.If you are interested then You can order from us now. Our massage cushion, spa cushion are very affordable price and can be ordered with desired size.

For the Thai massage cushion that is pvc covered seat, which is welknown as a very popular cushion for many massage shops. Which for the massage cushion that we will show you is a pretty soft massage cushion. Which will help your customers become more comfortable when you massaging your customers to be more relaxing at the same time. For our Thai massage cushion size has width 100cm, length 200cm, and thickness 7.5cm or 3 inches.
It is definitely possible to make your customers more comfortable, Then If you are interested in our products, there are many colors to choose one that suits your shop.

If you are interested please call us immediately. In addition, if you have any questions or would like to get more information, please contact +66-94-6287414. And most importantly if you buy multiple products at the same time. The factory also has a discount for you as well. And we are able to deliver products to you both domestically and internationally.

Special promotion for this month only!!, Thai massage cushion, spa massage cushion, price 1,800 THB.

Plus 1 additional pillow. Limited supplies.


Thai massage cushion can customized as desired size. The material is sponge grade A and not collapsing guaranteed.


Spa cushion, massage bed mattress and perforated face down that suitable for the face. Size can be customized.



Interest to order please contact number +66-94-6287414 Line: @catalogspa Thank you.