We’re selling facial massage beds, facial spa beds, eyebrows tattoo beds, electrical massage beds, there are very cheap and we guarantees all structures.
Suitable for salon, facial beauty clinic. And delivery worldwide as requests.
Please contact 66-94-6287414 Line: @catalogspa

We can say our facial massage bed, spa bed, facial bed and electrical facial massage bed that are very cheap.
If you want to open a spa business then can say that the facial massage bed is in high demand,
considered an indispensable and very worthy furniture.

if you want to buy a lot, our company has a discount for you as well.
Therefore, if would like to own one, our store can say that it’s the best value furniture.

So our company can confirm that facial massage bed, facial treatment bed, electrical facial massage bed which
we are selling to you are really very cheap price.
Which for the facial massage bed you want. Because we have quality products for you that can be customized as requests.
Which you are able to adjust both the top and bottom and besides.
Also the materials are very strong and durable. therefore, you can confident in the matter of stability as well.

Therefore you can trust in our products because we have the production with our professional technicians.
Performing with the very high standard as well.
And most importantly, we can delivery to everyone all over Thailand.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact and ask for information as well,
If you want us to send to you overseas, our company can shipping internationally for you.

Contact +66-94-6287414, Line: @catalogspathailand

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